3rd annual Motorcycle Film Festival Sept 23-27, 2015

The 3rd annual Motorcycle Film Festival runs Sept 23-27, 2015 in Littlefield, Brooklyn, NY

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2015 Motorcycle Film Festival PosterThe selections for the 3rd Annual 2015 Motorcycle Film Festival are:

MFF 2015 Short Narratives
Making Common Sense, by Wyatt Seaverns
My Mom’s Motorcycle, by Douglas Gautraud
Northern Catalyst, by G. Logan Dellinger & Michael J. Heath

MFF 2015 Short Documentaries
The Coast to Coast Trial, by Greg Villalobos
Les Armes Du Plaisir – Chase Stopnik, by Mark Choiniere
Faster Son: Shinya Kimura, by Oliver DeFilippo
Fifty Years Of Kicks, Anthony Kerr
Moto Borgotaro, by Roberto Serrini
Outside the Frame, by Tristan Wheelock
Riding South for Fiestas, by Ian Talbot-Jones
Salt Fever, by Manuel Rosario
Stories of Bike: Answers, by Cam Elkins
Stories of Bike: Discovery, by Cam Elkins
TROG, by Stephen Marino
Trouble In Paradise – Cycle Zombies, by Pierre David
Two-stroked: A Love Story, by Jacqui Carriere
Why I Ride – Ep. 2: Francie, by Trevor Gavin

MFF 2015 Short Experimental
Cope, by Jacob Moss
Rosemary, by Eric David Wallace
Stelvio2Stelvio, by Andrea Livio
Single Roads In The Wood Of Odes, by Ernie-Troelf
The Warrior’s Way, by Pedro Asturiano
Mutant Zombie Bikers From Outer Space, by Thomas Zickuhr

MFF 2015 Feature Documentaries
The Art Of Moto, by Mark Homan
The Carlsbad USGP: 1980, by Todd Huffman
Dirtbag II: The Return of the Rattler, Paolo Asuncion
L’équipée rides the Himalayas, by Cécile Ney
Dream Racer, by Simon Lee
The Greasy Hand Preachers, by Arthur de Kersauson & Clément Beauvais
Morbidelli – a story of men and fast motorcycles, by Jeffrey Zani
Out Of Nothing, by Andrew Lahmann
The Ragged Edge, by Matt Sienkiewicz
Road Less Traveled, by James Beatty
Speed, Mud & Glory, by Dee Dee Wallauer

MFF 2015 Feature Narrative
Rumbling, by Adolf Zika

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